We are supplier of custom mirrors in Malaysia and also glass balustrades, railing etc. Contact us for details.

Mirror Installation

We provide mirror installation services throughout Malaysia. We can cut and build your customized mirrors according to the specs and design of the interior designer or architect. Our mirrors ranges from wall mirror, antique mirrors, custom mirrors, bathroom mirrors as well as mirrors on walls, wardrobes and doors. We could cut the mirror to your size, and install them together with stainless steel frames, wooden frames, or even frameless mirrors with beveled edges or polished edges.

Mirrors installed in a commercial or residential area makes the place look more spacious. Custom design mirrors could be made with various designs that suits your ideal and tastes, whether with or withour frames. You can use normal clear mirror as well as dark mirror to suit your taste.


There are many different types of mirrors on the market. Mirrors can come is different colours such as bronze mirrors, dark mirrors, white mirrors, as well as other colours such as white, purple, grey, yellow, gold, red and blue. They can be built with frames, such as with wooden or aluminium framing, or just install the mirros frameless with polished or bevel edge. Add some lighting to your mirrors, and your space would be transformed dramatically.