We supply glass door – tempered and regular in Malaysia. Contact us for a price for your glass door today!

We provide one-stop glass door installation for your shop and office. If you need an office entrance glass door or a one for your shop/retail space, just give us a call for a quick quotation. We supply and install glass doors, including any additional glass partitions that are required. We also provide repair services for commercial and residential glass doors in Malaysia. Shown above are our completed projects in Cheras and Bukit Bintang.


A glass door makes your whole office environment a lot different from a normal door. A glass door gives you a perfect first impression when your client walks in. It is also very good for a open concept, especially if you have glass rooms and partitions with glass doors. Glass doors used at your shop front or as an office entrance tend to create a professional looking feel to your business and increases the stature of your company.

Glass Door Types

There are a few types of glass doors available on the market including aluminium framed glass doors, frameless glass doors and sliding glass doors. Generally, a piece of toughened, tempered glass is used for the glass door as it is important for the safety of the users, especially if the glass door is located at a public space.

Glass Door Accessories

Besides tempered glass, glass doors also requires many different accessories or hardware for its installation. We normally use VVP glass hardware for our glass door installation. Among the required accessories are floor patch, patch fittings, glass door handles, and glass door locks.