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Glass Shower Screen

Your need glass shower screen installation experts to help you customize your shower screen to your bathroom’s needs. Every bathroom is different and hence, your shower screen will be very different from what your friends or neigbour has. Glass is the preferred screen to use as it is translucent and acts like an illustion of space in your bathroom while functional as a prefention of moisture to splash onto unwanted places. Many different types of stainless steel as well as aluminium parts and accessories can be used for the showerscreen and it is up to you to choose one most suitable for your bathroom.

In a stressful world, your bathroom is a place where you can have a short relaxation every day. It is essential for a modern home to have an esthetically pleasing shower screen that is also functional to prevent water from leaving its designated area. A shower screen prevents water to wet areas like your toilet bowl, floor or sink and is good to reduce cleaning hassle.

Shower Screen Supplier

We are a shower screen supplier that supply and install customized glass shower screen to all your bathroom needs. Our personalized services include meeting directly with the home owner, measuring of the site, provide professional recommendation together with the actual installation of the shower screen. We are a one-stop glass contractor that supply and install glass shower screen customized to your design and needs. Get all your shower screen needs in Malaysia with us, Trex Glass Renovation Sdn Bhd.