There are many different types of glass, hence affecting the prices of glass. Please let us know more details to give you an accurate quotation.

Price of Our Glass Products

The price of your glass project will be determined by many different factors including:

  • Type of Glass/Mirrors Used – whether it is tempered or non-tempered glass, tinted glass/mirrors or whether it is an oversized glass (more than 10 feet high).
  • Thickness – whether the thickness of glass required is 5mm or 6mm or 10mm or 12mm would make a difference in price.
  • Site Location and Accessibility – If the site of your project is very far or very difficult to access (e.g. no lift), then the price may be higher.
  • Price of Colour Glass – Our colour glass price will be determined by the thickness of glass used, and the number of coating required. Some colours may be more expensive such as metallic colours.
  • Type of Accessories – Certain glass projects such as glass doors, canopy, and staircases comes with many different available types of accessories (such as handrail, supporting frame or handles). Price will vary by type.